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Unique Product Codes is a barcode provider who concentrates on UPC/EAN codes. We have been doing this for a long time and have sold many codes to a number of companies and people. The Founders of Unique Product Codes are all coming from business owners, traders and merchants who have strong backgrounds on eBay, Amazon and retail.  After dealing with a number of UPC and EAN barcode sellers for a long time, we have wasted too much time over the years dealing with fake sellers and dodgy codes. Our experience in dealing with sellers and actually using barcodes for our own brands, products and businesses sets us apart from other sellers and providers. Whenever you buy from us you become a valued member of our customer base and we will try to assist you in whatever way we can when it related to you using our codes. Unique Product Codes provide affordable and official barcodes for sole traders and companies like ourselves. All our customers buy with confidence and spend their money without having to worry about the usability and legitimacy of the codes.

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Headquarters: Biz Space, Wilsons Park, Monsall Rd, Manchester, M40 8WN, United Kingdom

Company Name: ARA.GROUP LTD |  Company Number: 10547238

For sales enquiries email: Remi – admin@uniqueproductcodes.com

For all other enquiries: araltd@hotmail.com