20,000 UPC/EAN Barcodes


  • Ideal for Amazon/eBay/Retail/other
  • One time charge – No renewal fees
  • GS1 Originated
  • Quick Delivery
  • Barcode Images available
  • Certificate of ownership available
  • Customer Satisfaction


EAN Barcode Bundles

We are a trusted online store for supply of cheap UPC/EAN barcode bundles for our clients from across the globe for many years now. Our clients can use these barcodes to submit listings onto websites such as Amazon or eBay. You can also place barcodes on the product packaging for effective management and quick billing of the bought products at the billing counters at the malls.

We offer UPC and EAN Barcode Bundles that are the barcodes carrying 12 or 13 digits respectively and these would be designed according to the European Article Number (EAN).

We take pride in offering the cheapest barcodes so that customers are happy and offer us their business in the future. We charge a one-time fee only, availing barcode images and also the certificate of ownership. The highest level of satisfaction to our customers is the motto behind our every endeavor.


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