EAN Barcodes: Everything about International Article Number

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EAN (European Article Number) also known as International Article Number. It also uses the code GTIN-13 or EAN-13. Similar to UPC, EAN is a type of barcode that is widely accepted internationally. UPC and EAN are in fact, almost identical in terms Barcode line images. But there are still differences between the two types of Barcodes.

Choosing the correct barcode for your product is essential. It can sometimes lead to your product to not be accepted in online platforms and retail shops. Here at Unique Product Codes, we ensure that the EAN-13 we supply to our customers is valid and works for any Point-of-Sale devices. We also make sure that the product codes we provide is valid for Amazon and eBay businesses.

Why do you need EAN Barcodes?

If you are selling products in the international market, EAN Barcodes will give you the flexibility to sell products in almost any territory. EAN-13 is now widely accepted in North America where it historically dominated by UPC barcode usage. This initiative started in 2005, global retailers look into standardizing Barcode usage for North America and the Rest of the World where UPC and EAN codes can be used for any product. With this, EAN Barcodes is now known as “International Article Number”.

What are the parts of a EAN Barcode?

EAN code is made up of 13 digits. The first 3 digits of the barcode are called the Country Code or the GS1 Prefix. You can refer to this link for more information about how to read the country code in EAN barcodes. The country code does not need to be the location where the product is actually made. The next 4 digits make up the GS1 prefix (Company Prefix) assigned to the manufacturer. The next 5 digits are called the Product Number. This set of numbers is used to attribute your product. The last digit on an EAN code is called the Check Digit. This number ensures that the barcode is correctly scanned and will generate the correct Barcode Image

parts of an EAN Barcode

Do I need my label to have the Barcode image?

For online sellers that directly send their products to their customers, they will not need to add the EAN bar code on their product labels. They will not require the EAN code because the POS will not use the bar code images to make a sale. But for online sellers that deal with websites like Amazon and eBay, the EAN barcodes need to be supplied to these online websites. The product label also does not need to have the bar code image printed on them as the products are directly delivered to the customer. Amazon and eBay use the barcodes as a unique identifier for the product that is sold on their platform. Bar codes are required. Common Brick-and-Mortar shops will require a EAN bar codes on their product label. The bar code can be used for proper inventory of products in a store and use in common POS like bar code readers and checkout registers.

Why Choose Unique Product Codes for EAN Barcodes?

Here at Unique Product Codes, we ensure that that every Barcode is unique and valid for use. We have created a system where every order has been created beforehand. Every customer will have perpetual ownership to the barcodes they purchase with unlimited download. Lastly, if we offer the one of the most competitive prices in our Barcode bundles.

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